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"A Charm Invests a face inperfectly beheld"

MissM1897please's Journal

12 June
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Hi I'm Brit and I'm a college student (full time) and a writer as well as a old movie buff. As you are most likely aware if you've taken the time to read my journal I love slash and love the ladies. Music is one of my favorite things in the world, it keeps me sane. My otp is (for Warehouse 13) Myka/ H.G. but I will never hate on other shippers so feel free to add me even if you don't ship slash pairs. Just please don't be insulting because I am a lesbian and I don't think its kind to hate. Hate in any form is bad. I'm also a pagan and am active within that community as well. I'm generally a pretty nice human being so go ahead and talk to me. I don't mind :)I'm a terrible procrasinator and so I don't always ge my fics up when I say I will. Life does sometimes get in the way. I adore writng fanfic and that is generally the only thing I'll post on here because my original writng I want to publish some day.