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New Twists on epic tales

*Siigh. Ok I didn't want to but I kinda like the trailer for the Snow White and The Huntsman movie. I'm really not a fan of either actress, but it looks very dark and twisted. I find it interesting  how fairy tales in film (and t.v.) seem in one sense to be going back to their roots as savage stories not cuddly bedtime tales.
Just my thoughts on that. What are yours?


Some poems

Since I don't have the time at the moment to post all my fics but I wanted to post some little drabble-like type things. They are kind of Emily Dickinson's esq. Hope everyone likes
Poems under here..Collapse )

Cannot belive I didn't post this on here its on my ff. acount tho. If anyone wants that acount please pm me. It's where I post my other fics besides myka/ Hg

Disclaimer: all the characters within this story belong to Syfy. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Pairing Myka/ H.G Wells.


The Story starts..Collapse )


Blue Willow Skies Ch. 2

K .here's part 2. please comment thanks.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2Collapse )









Ok Had a dream that is turning into a fic. I am gonna post this see what kind of response I get.

*helena has been allowed out of her holgraphic prison by The Regents for one last chance at redeeming herself. While on an artictfact hunt she sees a little girl run out into  the road and saves her life only to find out the girl is Gabby (the little kid from S2 Ep 11) annd.. what next?

Also had another idea also connected: Myka and Helena out on a case. When Myka comes back and finds a strange woman in the hotel room, she freaks and goes back to the warehouse without Helena (slightly occ for Myka I know) then Helena tries to explain it has nothing to do with sex but that it was Gabby's mom in the room. (this fic would depend oviously on Myka not getting the best look because she's seen Gabby's mom)

Please comment. I want to know what people think
What music lifts you up when you’re feeling down?
Oh Gods so many. Umm honestly I know it sounds odd but at the moment "explode" by Un Huh Her. Makes me feel like I'll find that someone and when I do it'll be awsome.